18 great examples unconventional use old windows shutters and window frames

Best DIY Projects : 20 ways to use old windows some neat ideas!

Amazing things from the old windows.
Old windows, window frames and shutters all in all necessarily throw. If desired, all of these things can be used to decorate your home, both inside and outside. Applying the old windows can be and decorating the courtyard.

Functional shelf in the windowsill.
Stunning shelf with slate and a place for photos, made of an old window frame.

Open the cabinet window window.
Vintage open cabinet unnecessary window frame.

Arrangement for the conformity of shutters.
Old shutters can be turned into an unusual organizer for storing letters and accounts.

Frame for photos of old windows.
The original idea to place family photographs in the old window frames with glass.

A table of the window.
Vintage table with lid from the old window.

Slate in the window frame.
Unnecessary window frames can turn into a wonderful slate.

Wardrobe of old windows.
Charming vintage cabinet made of old unwanted windows in frames.

The composition of the windows and flower pots.
The original idea to decorate the façade of his house.

A small cabinet of wooden planks and old windows.
Vintage cupboards made of artificial age wood planks and a door from the old window frame.

Hanger of the window frame.
Wonderful rack accessories bath and towels from the old windowsill.

Panels made of old windows and shutters.
The original panel, which can be made from an old window frame and shutters, painted in vibrant colors.

A little "botanical garden" of the old windows.
A unique decoration for suburb area – a small house for flowers and plants, made of old windows in frames.

Organizer of the window frame.
Window frames can be transformed into a charming organizer of jewelry.

Wood cabinets with doors out through the windows.
Wonderful wooden table, antique stylized, with doors to old window frames.

Display storage cups.
Great view of the window frame with hooks to hold copper.