18 small design tricks that will make new years table a truly festive

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Celebrate the Chinese new year

Knife knife, fork and spoon intended for the guest, a shiny belt, and the perception of the party will immediately change for the better. A couple of balls close to the plate – and the table already looks festive.

Make New Year's Table – an excellent opportunity to combine gold and silver. If metal silver silverware, use golden decorations and vice versa.

The decorative composition of conifers does not look lonely, keeping it like a decoration of dishes. So the table structure will look complete.

Several glasses or glasses – an integrator the easiest of the new year's table dining. Turn one of them and put on a plate. The lower part of the foot or use as a stand for a Christmas candle.

White and silver Christmas decorations almost every home like dining stainless appliances. Everyone together creates a memorable vacation table decoration. To see harmonious composition, add high elements, such as silver Christmas tree.

Twigs of conifers or dragons in metallic goggles revive restful decoration New Year's table. If there were no glasses – Use cans, scaled labels. Another option – to bend the inside of a glass foil.

Democratic version of New Year's construction table – Use tools and tools from different sets. Feel free to combine metal, ceramics and glass. The more different design items will be at New Year's table, the better.

White and blue – one of the "winter" colors, which in most of them is associated with new year's holiday. Several blue balls, decorative pearls, wings with silver sequins – and party decoration in the table are ready.

Originally it looks like a New Year's decoration table, dominated by gold and brown shades. Creating a spectacular effect combines exquisite shiny parts with those with a rough texture and natural color. For example, metal candlesticks with cones or dried branches.

Who said napkins or paper do notPlace on the holiday table? Of them, can make an unusual bouquet for each invited guest. Fold fabric or paper into a conical shape and fill it with cute little things that a guest can bring home.

Make a meal at home cozy as possible, replace the biggest wine glasses with bright circles. They can also be filled with holiday glitter.