19 fantastic design solutions that make home unique

The hardest thing about renting is not being

19 Genius Apartment Decorating Ideas Made for Renters | One Crazy

Great design solutions that make the house unique.
Each of us has his own opinion about it should look like a dream house. Someone wants the pool, someone cave any aquarium in the wall. But there are 19 such brave and inspirational solutions that do not pay attention to their attention simply impossible.

Good drawers under the stairs liberate houses bulky cabinets.

Round bookcase mounted on the ceiling.

Wall painting glowing fluorescent colors that can be seen only in the dark.

A small wine cellar hidden in the kitchen floor.

Great structure with hanging chairs and a dining table for dining.

Sandbox in the workplace.

Steep stairs with a picture that will be appreciated by both adults and children.

Hammock in a bed that is perfect for all living room furnishings.

Wall like real flowers grow.

A big playhouse in the form of a pirate ship for a wonderful children's room decor.

Painted glass door that creates a beautiful sunshine in the house.

Diodes built into the bathroom floor, which shines in the dark.

The cozy and modern glass fireplace.

Royal sofa, fitted on the windowsill.

Dense dark blinds with holes.

Around the window in the form of a dial.

Of course, this list is incomplete. In matters of a dream there are no limits, and the next 20 ideas for building your dream house – a drop in the ocean of human imagination.