19 great tips that help optimize your space and clean up mess in bathroom


Interesting ideas space in the bathroom.
Sooner or later in the life of everyone comes a time when you simply need to tidy up in the apartment and put everything in their places. We have collected tips for our readers to optimize the process of restoring the scheme. We will be happy about someone in the comments to share their own experiences.

Practical dispenser soap can put your hands on a regular glass jar with a lid.

The large flower pots obtained label wall pockets for storing different things.

Bath towels are very handy to store on a metal rack for wine bottles.

Hair, stealth and other metals are conveniently stored on a magnetic stripe that can be placed inside the cabinet door.

Additional shelves can be placed on the inside of the door dressing cabinet.

Containers for cosmetics, toothbrushes and other details can be placed on the door of dressing cabinets.

Original homemade hangers from ropes and tubes to store a variety of items.

Stand for gels and creams can make candlesticks and dishes.

The easiest way to place toothbrushes.

From small glass cans, excellent storage containers make ear sticks, cotton dishes and sponges.

The container shaver can be made from PVC pipes and plastic clips.

To the space in the corners is not empty, it is possible to place a small corner shelves.

Old sliding cabinets can be transformed into a beautiful rack with hooks for storage of jewelry and hair accessories.

From the usual traffic jams can make individual brackets for toothbrushes.

You can make a practical organizer to store cosmetic supplies from a small flower pots.

Be sure to be useful to our readers and cool ideas that help put things in the perfect order table. This is really an urgent problem.