19 incredible tree houses from around the world

Hogwarts Tree House: The Worlds Coolest Tree Houses
Hogwarts Tree House: The Worlds Coolest Tree Houses momme

The most beautiful house in the trees.
What kid do not dream about own house arrest? The trip to get in their childhood dreams of homes may have calmed down, but someone – no, often continues to dream as adults. And already have other features, they build in trees the whole palace.

The world's largest 10-storey house on a tree.

Small hotel room, the outer shell is entirely made of glass, which is why it seems invisible.

Excellent house in a large tree.

Fantastic hotel room on a tree in the form of a large birdhouse.

Large 3 bedroom house hotel. Rooms homes are connected with bridges.

Guest room style flying saucer, "hanging" in 6 meters above the ground.

Eco-friendly hotel, rooms located on the baobab.

Large house on a tree.

A small hotel on a tree, like a castle.

Located high on the tree.

Futuristic tree house.

Large tree house.

Fantastic restaurant at 10 meters altitude.

A cozy hotel on a tree.

Hut stam Korowai, was raised at high altitude.

House sphere on the tree.

In addition, those who are not ready or unable to build your own dream home can always visit the camp in the trees, with houses instead of tents.