20 brilliant ideas for small kitchen arrangement


20 brilliant ideas about arrangements of small kitchens
More is not always better, especially when talking about the kitchen. The small kitchen is often longer to function efficiently. It is only necessary to consider the organization of space and design so that it is not only beautiful, but also the most functional.

Cutting board on the sink

The kitchen should be an order

The most common problems in small kitchens can be called the mess, lack of work surfaces and poor lighting.

Disturbance in the kitchen – a consequence of the lack of storage space for all types of kitchen utensils. However, this is not the only reason. Sometimes a large number of cabinets, cabinets and shelves, also does not help the situation. In this case, we are talking about simplifying the kitchen and ruthless elimination of unnecessary things.

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Maximum work surfaces

Mirror kitchen apron

Lighten dark furniture

Dark kitchen seems smaller, so it's a wall painted in bright colors. If you like dark rich colors of furniture, then you need to think about different types of lighting. Certainly, you need to use light bulbs according to the hood, covering the work surface and focusing on the beauty of the furniture. The well-lit kitchen looks good despite its color.

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1. Set for pots

Panels for pots and pans

Although most small kitchen shelves for pots and pans can not see, it is a necessity. It is not necessary to make them from floor to ceiling. You can equip a rack for pots. It can be attached to a ceiling or a wall.

2. Tool Panels

Reiki for kitchen utensils

You can watch professional kitchens and learn from them the idea of ​​the location of kitchen utensils on the wall. It can be a panel with hooks, magnetic strips for spices with spices and containers, conventional rack with hooks for bucket or bucket. For all kinds of things, the basket fits.

Maximize the useful area of ​​a small kitchen can be using multi-functional and practical furniture. First of all, this convertible model tables, hide tables and bedside tables, chairs without backrest, which can be removed under the table.

3. Furniture with a secret

Folding the table in the kitchen

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Panels for saucepan and pans

4. Workspaces

Cutting board on the sink

Small kitchen island
If you want to create a modern kitchen, then we have to remember that the main principle the design of a small kitchen – it's minimalist. Thanks to him, the kitchen is not only looking beautiful, but also providing additional work space. For example, if a ceramic hob, you can place it on a cutting board and work on it, as it is flat and elegant.

5. Additional shelves

Additional shelves for storing all sorts of small things

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