20 coolest design stuff that make any home unique

Make your personalized glass calendar, that's budget friendly
Make your personalized glass calendar, that's budget friendly & looks amazing! Come read what one thing you need to make your calendar #homedecortips

Unusual items for the home.
Design things are good not only in their appearance but also the idea and implementation, and in fact, really good ideas so little. But in our current review – 20 of really interesting products that can surprise, stimulate and delight.

Creative lamp in the form of a big pen design by Michael George Studios.

Great Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone in the form of bright bulldogs from companies Jarre Technologies.

The device, developed by Ken Kawamoto, showing the weather tomorrow.

Nice waffle iron for fans of "Star Wars".

Original house slippers for fun games with children.

The Barisieur – the best alarm clock that wakes its owner svezhesvaennogo the wonderful smell of coffee.

Travel bag, easily convertible into a cabinet with three compartments and hangers.

A glass with the top of Mount Hood inside.

Elegant and colorful tabs for books.

Stunning sleeping bag in a realistic bear.

Flat sections that protect against overeating.

Soft slippers in LEGO style.

A compact light for fans to check in at night, which is a good illumination of pages and will not disturb the dream of people around.

Unusual multifunctional furniture with hole for cat owners.

Compact Printeroid Printer Printer to print images from mobile devices.

Most often, we perceive objects like simplicity, like something meaningless, but incredibly steep speakers to make life a bit better to reverse the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of device.