20 double sided fireplace create luxurious interiors


20 Gorgeous Two-Sided Fireplaces For Your Spacious Homes

20 double sided fireplaces to create a luxurious interior
If the house is large enough, the varazon layout is best to divide it with a double sided fireplace. Between the dining room and the living room, between the kitchen and living room – such as an unusual object will be very helpful for its functionality and beauty. We offer a review of the original ideas that enable radically changing the atmosphere of the house.

Double sided fireplace in the living room

The luxury of simplicity

Separate brick wall a neutral colorIt looks charming with an open plan solution that shares the two recreation areas. Especially well this stove looks in the interior, decorated in eclectic or one of the modern styles.

Luxurious example of modern double stove, fits perfectly into the big room, and divides it into two parts. One turned into a traditional living room, and the other – in a cozy family holiday.



Fireplace in eclectic interior

Good combination of a luxurious modern style and eclectic element.

Fireplace in the glass

functional fireplace

Double-sided fireplace transforms into a stunning compound center in the bedroom. His warmth can be enjoyed lying in bed or in the bathroom.

Two are better than one

Two double sided fireplace – it is much better than one. Especially amazing they are looking at an open plan solution.

Double sided fireplace combines and shares the dining room and living room, making them original and elegant area.

Double sided fireplace in the dining room

Double sided fireplace to create a versatile and original interior, dividing the space into two zones. One turned to the living room, and the other – in the guest room.

sunbathing facilities

Luxurious example double fireplace, a dining room that is usually made spectacular in the royal dining room.

Different textures help create interesting and attractive interiors. Two-way fireplace built into a brick wall, suitable for a variety of styles and facilities.

Eat with original masonry

The interior is decorated in a beach-style, yet single-sided fireplace to be here can be very useful. He miraculously shared the dining room and kitchen. Main attention is not attracted as much fire as the original masonry.

Fireplace in industrial style

Industrial design can look incredibly attractive, especially if the room has large windows from floor to ceiling, which becomes part of the exterior of the interior.