20 inspiring examples turning junk into cool stuff for house


Cool stuff for the house of old things.
Things that are in order today accept, but if these items for some reason, the way, you can include imagination and use them to find interesting old ones! And many people manage this successfully, 20 inspirational examples of our review – the best evidence.

Magnets of jewelry residues.
Broken earrings, pendants, pins and other jewelry can be converted into the original magnets.

Original flower pots.
To break balls, you can elegantly decorate flower pots.

Frame with history.
Probably everyone in the house is holding various memorial items and souvenirs, which is a pity to throw. From such small things can make a unique frame for the mirror.

Luxury bracelet.
A lone earring, a broken necklace, unnecessary suspension, a broken string, apparently – totally useless things. But by joining them together, you can get a unique piece of jewelry.

Fantastic table over the piano.
Old bulky piano can be converted to the original table.

The original regiment.
Unnecessary, empty cover for guitar, you can make a fantastic rack.

The system with pots storage boilers.
Unnecessary bicycle wheels can make an unusual device for storing kitchen utensils.

Unique chandelier.
Metal lamp-ball unnecessary bicycle parts.

Mirror panels.
It is not necessary to throw away the broken or cracked mirror because of it, you can make unique mirror panel.

Stylish business card holder.
Unnecessary golf club can be transformed into a beautiful palm card.

Charming duvet.

Update the boring pillows "carry" them old shirts.

Stone for garden decoration.
Gingerbread teaspoons can be decorated with regular stones to get a unique garden ornament.

Buying a new modern bath – not a reason to throw away the old one. Unnecessary baths can be transformed into a unique designer sofa.

Bright sofas.

Make a cozy bed for your pet from unnecessary pillows and an old sweater.

Cozy bed for four-legged friend.

Steep lights.
Unnecessary world can be turned to original lamps.

From the old, broken bags can have a unique wall cabinet.

If the subject was fascinated by you, or you can not find a suitable opportunity for his advice, we have another 15 examples of how to revive old things.