20 most attractive facades made stone

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20 most attractive facades of stone
Mystery and charm – it's epitome can be characterized by stone façades, which today, despite a lot of other materials, are still popular. Many people like walking through the old streets of towns and retaining their opinions, considering the masonry of old houses. It makes them look like little castles and takes us back into the imagination of the distant past.

In addition to the mystery and charm, stone facades are characterized by practicality and originality. The stone is very durable material that is virtually immune to elements and time. This neutral color natural material with good properties insulating, which will provide a stable temperature inside the building. Stone – an environmentally friendly material that looks great in combination with some type of landscape.

The Irish countryside is ideally suited for a stone's throw and modern architecture. This mansion, Connemara Residence, built by Peter Legge Associates, consists of two stone buildings, connected with a glass extension.

Two stone houses with a glassed partition

Stone house in Scotland: Torispardon project

Located in the beautiful mountain panorama of the mountains and the Torispardon cottage in Scotland, miraculously fits into the landscape thanks to the work of architects, Stuart Archer and Liz Marinko. Architects restored complex and almost destroyed property as a whole.

The company recently completed Dom Arquitectura restore historic farm in the eastern Pyrenees, on the border with France. The client hired architects that they had changed the old farm, a barn and a warehouse in the modern residential area with apartments.

Located in Eugene, Oregon, home CrenshawDet is an excellent example of an expression of mixing styles. creative team of architects successfully combined metal and stone towards the facade to provide the dynamism and modernity.

Mountain landscape, Canada

House project called Rock Copper Glass-Owned CDRG + Red Team, which operates in Canada. First of all, a clear plan amazing, graceful appearance, a combination of stone, local pine and metal. The house fits perfectly into the landscape, has a beautiful shape, functional and made of high quality material, which ensures strength.

Pavilion Cliff Pavilion is a creation of Architects in the Company Gas Architecture Studios. Two Pavilion is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a small grove on a steep hill, has an original design and stunning views of the city.

The sophisticated design of stone houses in Switzerland

This renovated stone house, located in the historic village of Switzerland, is not only a dream for its owners, but also a good example of modern design that emphasized the historical significance of the building. Architects most preserved old stone and replace only the damaged areas, like hardwood floors on cement, while the charm of the beautifully beautiful old house. modern features.

reconstructed farm

Genuine mountain architecture in Switzerland

During the reconstruction of the construction of the old farm ArkitekterVi held the old form of the complex, but brought modern features, with the latest technology to keep the original charm. When the architects of Fernando Coelho, the architect, started work, the building was in ruins, but they could complete the project. From the street, visible stone facade, as a tribute to history.

The combination of stone and wood

Keeping the most important elements of the old house, which was built in the early 19th century, the company Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte created a modern property in the town of Chamoson, Switzerland. The stone facade of the building is the one that suits the mountainous landscape of the area.

Stone motif Mykonos resort

Beautiful mansion in stone and wood

The idea belongs to a beautiful home construction architect of the company's Carney Logan Burke Architects. The house is located in Wilson, Wyoming, on the shore of the Snake River. It is surrounded by dense forests and beautiful spacious meadows.

The hotel is located in the Spanish hinterland

In the most picturesque region of Spain, Galicia, the small town of Costa da Morte is a charming traditional Spanish hotel called Lugardo Cotariño. The historic building was renovated by two owners, Alberto Cuervo and Julia Flores, after they first visited this city, saw and fell in love with this building, which is now a great place to relax.

Stone and glass – the basic elements of the reconstructed child design