20 original ideas with wallpaper in the kitchen

20 Original ideas of Wallpaper used in Kitchen

20 original ideas with the wallpaper in the kitchen
Wallpapers will never go out of style. They may change, improve regularly take second place, but still triumphant return. And now they can not be considered the cheapest and easiest way to decorate the walls of the house. Thanks to them, the house becomes much brighter, more expressive and more interesting. We offer an overview of creative ideas for using wallpaper in the kitchen, it's not a traditional place for them.

The kitchen is in an eclectic style by Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Interior kitchen by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Neutral colors for the modern kitchen

The kitchen in Orchid Newton

Flower motif on the wallpaper

A large number of designers with joy backgrounds are used in the interior bedroom, living room, dining rooms, and even bathrooms. The situation is slightly different with the kitchen. But here the wallpaper can make an incredible effect. They are versatile, easy to work with, so they can be a great option for those who want to escape from everyday life.

Wallpapers – This is one of the easiest and easiest ways to add color to the interior. Basically nothing surprising in this, only more often in the kitchen for this purpose are used tiles. And there is a certain feeling, when it comes to apron from the sink and the stove. Background is best to use for the rest of the kitchen.

The kitchen in the Mediterranean style with Tenney Construction

Wallpapers may be different

Pink accent wall of Kleppinger Design

Luxury kitchen interior in purple by Sylvia Fridman

Background in an unusual place will revive the atmosphere throughout the kitchen

Bright colors in the kitchen of Native Son Design Studio

Accent the wall in the interior of the kitchen

One reason for a restoration of the wallpaper – this wishDesigners uses neutral colors as the background for the bright patterns, and not only limited to saturated monochrome tones. Now you can pokleit the wallpaper with the original pattern without changing the existing color scheme in the room.

The Kitchen in New England Design Works

Luxury kitchen with McBurney Junction

Classic wallpaper kitchen

The combination of tiles and wallpaper

Stylish kitchen design studio from 360

Before deciding on the use of multicolored wallpaper in the kitchen, make sure the picture really likes. Otherwise, he would quickly pallet and cause irritation. Therefore, most of the preferred designs are long-term calm and restrained.

Background in the kitchen and dining room

Elegant wallpaper with an open floor plan

Classic kitchen from Durrant Associates

But it's a wonderful way to expand the wall with the help of wallpaper. To do this, the open-plan living room in the interior includes repetitive sections of wallpaper, sticked in the kitchen. It is thus possible to visually integrate the various areas, although they are all decorated in different color schemes.