20 striking examples use lodges in nursery

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Logs in the children's room.
Make inner children eager to experiment and add the most unusual things interesting. Such an idea is the construction of wigwamen. You can do it yourself or buy ready. Childhood joy in this case is guaranteed!

Lovely bright bedroom with an interesting tipi. Inspirational source and fun.

Bedroom with a tipi where children can read your favorite book.

When designing children's ability to combine different strong colors – like children.

Whimsical bedroom with wooden elements and tipi.

The walls are in black and white bands in the nursery: a standard solution and a wigwam with pom-poms.

Small children's room, which is decorated with tents.

The children's room is complemented by bright d├ęcor. As a complement to overall situation lodge rooms.

Nice design one bedroom for the boys.

Modern bedroom with tipi and "fire".

Cool boys bedroom with a nice tipi, creating a special atmosphere.

White Lodge is decorated bedroom, which is decorated in shades of gray.

Thematic bedrooms for the boys.

Bedroom in a modern design, decorated tepee.

Bedroom with Tepee and colorful pillows literally created for fun.

Beautiful bedroom in pink and purple tones with black and white accents.

The children's room is decorated in black and white with a beautiful horny.
The child's interior can be completely different, one has only to let go of the imagination. Special atmosphere can be created with 17 cool ideas to design a child's bedroom in the style of Mid-centry modern.

The unusual decision for a child's bedroom.