20 stunning ideas for small living room that has not yet had time to get bored

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Wardrobe, similar to the color of the walls – perfect solution for visual expansion of the space where it needs a little living room. Because the room looked original, be sure to pay attention to the white furniture cool design.

Space for furnishings and furniture is not enough? For ornaments on textiles sufficiently carefully. It is desirable that the base in the living room was neutral shade: white, gray, beige And all ornaments recommend to resist two or three colors.

From the usual, all brown design fittings are sometimes hard to refuse. Especially because this color is strongly associated with home comfort and hospitality. But for a small living room look nontrivial, use brown in complex structures. For example, in the skin, stones and bricks.

Doors unusual color – a simple yet effective solution to transform the interior of a small living room. A little bright color and a couple of hours of composite time and center of gravity in the design of the living room is complete. An important advantage of such an inner highlight is that it does not take any extra centimeters in a small room.

Narrow sofas will not take a lot on the sofa, accommodating a large group of guests, and will be extra beds. To such a large furniture will not look clumsy, stop for a light models.

A small living room, where the dominant color is gray, looks noble and elegant. Combining several shades of gray to the interior became expressive.

Without shelves do not make any living room. Do not occupy the entire length of wall shelves and place them unconventionally. For example, high above the sofa in the corner or niche.

Black and white interior design easy to restore in all circumstances. Contrasting details about the background of light trim look dramatic, but it is easy.

If the room is so small that bed linen is an expensive luxury because of its size, then replace it with a pair of armchairs. If you choose an unusual model, they can be a real highlight of the interior.

Wall painted in pure and bright color, a variety of interior. Several details in the tone – and unusual furniture in the living room are available.

If the space for the living room as a separate room is intenog, then it can be separated from the rest of the house space through high bookshelves. A Arrange a reading corner – put a comfortable chair and coffee table.