20 stylish and modern bedrooms zen

Today, we explore the world of Zen bedrooms

20 Serenely Stylish Modern Zen Bedrooms

20 elegant and modern rooms in the style of Zen
It's fun to see how many fans on their own understand Zen style, though you know absolutely nothing in Far East culture. For those who are familiar with interior design, it is a harmony of the elements, the spirit of ease, where body and soul find peace and quiet.

bedroom classic decor with Shoji screen Decker Bullock Sothebys International Realty

The calming tones of wood in the interior of a bedroom

Bedroom interior of Sébastien Mathé

Bedroom furnishings in the style of Zen

The term "Zen" is a modification. The word word "Dhyana", which in the West is perceived as a meditation. Not surprisingly, in the interior of Zen style, Japanese and Indian artifacts are often used. The bedroom is decorated in this style, can change a lifetime, help to get rid of heavy thoughts, relax and rejuvenate.

Bedroom – one of the most popular choices for those who want to get the decor in the style of Zen. It will balance all the elements. Harmony – a prerequisite for every interior, which should be filled with an atmosphere of calm.

Interior Bedroom for International Custom Designs

Interior bedroom from Terri Weinstein Design

The interior of the bedrooms The Interior Edge

Bedroom furnishings by Bates Masi Architects

Bedroom furnishings by Alexandra Fedorova Office

Bedroom furnishings by Kari McIntosh Design

Bedroom furnishings of Ernesto Sant

The modern version of the classical style of Zenfort always adheres to the original principles, but gave them urban functions. In addition, most owners of the apartments do not strive for traditional interiors, therefore, a reasonable compromise would be to create in minimalist bedrooms cozy and welcoming atmosphere of individual character. This is certainly easier said than done, but the most important thing – to avoid chaos and messy. At the same time, we can not allow the production of sterile and artificial bedrooms.

Bedroom decoration by Causa Design Group

Bedroom furnishings of Subu Design Architecture

Bedroom furnishings by Suzanne Hunt Architect

Bedroom furnishings by Dwyer Design

The bedroom in the style of Zen – is not just a decoration and accessories. In fact, each bedroom has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with an amazing sense of harmony and proximity to nature can fall under this category. This means that the bedroom almost any style can be considered a bedroom in the style of Zen.

Bedroom furnishings by Webb & Brown-Neaves

Bedroom furnishings by Phil Kean Design Group

Bedroom in Zen style for fans of Scandinavian minimalism

It is obvious that such styles as bohemian, eclectic and shabby chic do not fit into this group, but industry, rural, and even more fully the Mediterranean can get the type of Zen. Better to start with a relaxing background without color change. The main features are minimalism, balanced and properly selected lighting. And, of course, important basic rules for creating an Asian atmosphere in a modern interior.