20 ways turn old boxes into wonderful toys

Simple and Creative Ideas for Recycling Cereal Boxes!
Simple and creative ways to recycle cereal boxes could use Girl Scout cookie boxes too!

Wonderful toy from unnecessary boxes.
The child a parent is important to note, not expensive toys that he bought. And in some way arrange a fun event for common construction of something beyond the usual cartons. Ideas brilliant designs – in this review.

Beautiful light like a cloud.

TV from old cartons, which the children like, dream of glory.

Pirate ship from the carton.

Large house from a carton.

The empty boxes of milk production can turn into a city.

Toys cars for children.

A wonderful playground for toy airplanes and helicopters.

The two storey parking toy cars.

Set traveler from kartonger.

Quiet wired phone, made of cardboard.

Original pencil case from a cardboard box.

A three storey house of cardboard boxes, decorated with magazine clippings.

Toy worm made of cardboard.

Toys lodge for the child.

Stall for horses with their hands.

Toy horse and dinosaur from cartons.

If you are fascinated by this profession, you will notice another 18 ideas creating wonderful toys from unnecessary cartons.