25 budget friendly ideas for interior decor

25 Low Budget Home Improvement Ideas With Big Impact | Budgeting, Stenciling and Craft

Budget proposals for home furnishing

How to decorate the interior elegantly and spend this dime? Can a budget decor be beautiful? Today, we decided to figure out and find the most economic ideas for those who want to change the course of their house.

The idea №2: Daisies in the interior
And not necessarily expensive interior Dutch roses. Stop and several twigs of blooming wild rose or tea rose, which in the warm season grows in almost every farm. Put it in transparent cans or bottles (optional decorated with colored paper and tape).

The idea №1: potted plants
The interior of the room, and fresh flowers are alwaysIt works on a revival of the interior. It is especially relevant in spring and summer when plants can take a discount at the cottage or buy at low prices. Lavender and chamomile are relevant in a rustic style, roses suitable for classical decor, colorful chrysanthemums and butter will look good in every interior.

The idea №3: beautiful roses

The idea №4: glass bottles of different shapes and sizes
Beautiful glass bottles – another budget option decor. They can serve as flower vases. And everyone will see the spectacular entire composition of bottles of different shapes and sizes.

The idea №7: lemons and oranges in the interior
In the role of decorative elements can not talabara flowers but also fruit. Should they only put on a large plate or in a special vase. For these purposes you can use lemons, oranges, apples and pears. That is, the fruit that can be stored for a long time. This interior will be suitable in the kitchen, in the dining room or in the living room.

Today it is fashionable to decorate the inside of the posters. They make elegant space, in some cases it can visually correct the flaws – hide the irregularities in the walls and corners, which makes the ceiling above the pressure wall. Decorating the inside of the posters does not necessarily run into the store for them. It's enough to go through old magazines to find interesting stories and photos, pick up a frame for them or make them own hands from unnecessary boards. Posters can decorate all rooms.

The idea №9: wallpaper prints, instead of images

The idea №10: Cover of old newspapers instead of posters

The idea №11: clips and pictures from newspapers within

For those who know how to sew is not difficult to create decorations from the remains of useless tissue. Most strips are sewing a garment. Patchwork – one of the fashion trends in interior design, which will help solve the problem of waste from sewing and decorating. For example, the textiles are obtained excellent pillows for chairs and elegant headgear for the bed.

The idea №15: flowers patchwork fabric

The idea №16: flower arrangement of fabric

The idea №17: flowers that never fade

Painted ceramic tiles, inherited inherently from his grandmother, can also become decorative elements. In modern furnishings they decorate the walls, put on special stands used as support for jewelry.

The idea №18: a plate on the wall
As wall decoration can act and the old wooden planks. This is another modern trend, which is already a couple of seasons do not pass over their positions.

The idea №19: old wooden board as part of the interior

The idea в "- 20: painted old board
At arrangements of the interior and useful wine cellar. If you cut them evenly and glue each other, you can get an interesting wall organizer for notes, which will be a great interior item.

Shingles – a material that is easy to gather up the shore. It is ideal for summer conversion interior and creates a maritime atmosphere in the room. Especially if you put some stones in a transparent glass and use it as a candle holder.

The idea №21: organizer of wine corks

Sometimes in the wind you can find a lot of things that seem to have long been outdated, but in fact can earn longer. For example, a bird cage, where he once held a parrot. The cage can be covered in white color to put on a chest of drawers next to the mirror of the same color. Or use the cage like pots, put some potted flower pot.

The idea №22: light sticks of transparent glasses and sea pebbles

The idea №23: beautiful decor with pebbles