30 luxury ideas for decorating home office with fireplace

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30 luxury decoration ideas home office with fireplace
Far away are the days when a home office. It constituted only one table and chair on a quick side put together in a corner of the room. Now many can work at home in a comfortable environment. We offer 30 original ideas that will inspire the creation of a functional, efficient and comfortable interior, where the central role played by the fireplace is.

Stylish home office with fireplace

Home office in various shades of gray

Interior Home Office by Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Interior Home Office from dRichards Interiors

Office interior Pulp Design Studios

Bright interior home office with Artistic Designs for Living

Workplace equipment has become an integral part of the design of most modern homes. The most important thing – finding a balance between form and function, and a fireplace in this plays an important role. It's easy to become the center of the composition of all rooms, and in a small home office and it will be more effective additions.

Modern home office with elegant fireplace minimalist style combines simplicity and elegance with a warm and relaxing atmosphere. This option is perfect for those who want to combine the classic home library and the modern workplace, blurring the boundaries between the two areas.

Original home office

Interior Home Office by Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects

Furnishing Home Office through Ownby Design

Home office in Mediterranean style

Home office with a TV above the stove

The interior of the home office Richard Drummond Davis Architects

Modern home office

Home office in blue and white colors in Garrison Hullinger Interior

Home office with original furnishings

As for the fireplace, the imagination It draws primarily a picture of two chairs or a couch he is facing, and a quiet conversation with an interesting conversationalist. Home Office will approach the best possible arrangements for the arrangement of such a place, combining a practical and a nice addition. Just put a chair or two, a small coffee or side table and lamp. Ideal recreation area is complete.

Nice home office

Interior Home Office by Terrat Elms Interior

Small home office with fireplace from Rebekkah Davies Interiors + Design

Unique interior home office by James Glover Residential & Interior

Luxury home office with built in wardrobes

Original home office

The fireplace in almost all causes nice association. Is there anything subconsciously attractive, reminiscent of something else, past life. It fits perfectly into the office, furnished with massive wooden furniture, stone walls and rustic décor.

Home office with a stone fireplace

Stone wall with a fireplace in a home office

This interior looks only endless without a crackling fire, creating a special mood. In addition, it is an additional light source. In this case, it is best to arrange it in a classic style, insert stone or brick, and so much safer.

If you already have a home office, and a fireplace in it, it was intelligent on the project, it's possible not to be upset. Fireplaces – a neutral supplement that fits into any existing interior. Of course, you will have to think about material eventually. If in the house a lot of distractions, children are not allowed to concentrate at work, you can go underground, equipped with modern home office in the basement.

The classic study of Suites Construction Company

Interior Home Office from PHX Architecture

The original desk in a home office