30 most original ideas modern interior ceiling

30 Modern POP false ceiling designs, wall POP design 2016

30 of the most original ideas thanks with modern finish
On the roof is often no special attention. It goes. And for good reasons. He provides a lot of opportunities for the manifestation of imagination and creativity. We offer a selection of the 30 most successful ideas of modern finishing thanks through which turned out to be the main purpose of the ceiling in the room.


Geometric balance creates elegance

In this cozy living room in one of the houses Auckland architect Michael Osallivan emphasized on the roof, using the pattern "Fiskbens." This approach can be considered special because it does not often see such bold boldness that defies the interior of space.

Balancing decorative elements Interior – is a common problem that often comes in the way of designers and architects. Richard Hallberg shows the room in his California Cottage in Moroccan style with elements of Spanish, based on a combination of geometric decor wooden roof with the other interior.

Painting on the ceiling – for the most elegant rooms

Glass roof will fill the room with light

Give deep sad thanks

Try to improve the ceiling as Architects did the penthouse in the San Francisco Skyscraper MillenniumTower. Using metal plates and lighting them in an interesting way to create a nice atmosphere, based on the principles of color and reflection of the game.

The roof in the form of origami

The ceiling, as part of the overall composition

In order to create a perfect and full-fledged French designer Jean-Louis Dan in incarnation thought in the style of modern extremism and under the concept of imaginary voyages (imaginary journey), a separate attention decoration of the ceiling. It looks like something unreal, unconventional and unexpected. That is, as it was supposed to be.

Tiles in the ceiling mirror coloring of the interior

You'll see a beautiful example of how visual effect, when combined with the color of shapes and textures in a refined combination. The author of this idea, architect Anthony Lindsni perceives the room as a symbol of glamor from the ceiling to the floor. Bright colors and decor Gray walls melt in perfectly.

The apartment loft type building in Moscow Architects have created an illusion of the presence of a luxury cruiser and high curtains stressed pompa decor. The design of the company's experts has worked the archduet and well-furnished living room, open plan layout, do not forget the roof that resembles a starry sky.

Like on a cruise ship under the starry sky

Perhaps you are a supporter of traditional combinations, when the color of the ceiling, to some extent repeats internal coloring. But adding color to its ceiling, draw your attention to it, and the room appears bigger. This ceiling will help you create a unique image.

Breaking stereotypes

The result of the company Spitzmiller & Norris became a roof decorated in wood with "snowflake" patterns in one of the beach houses in Florida.

When you look at the painted ceiling and the grease on the walls? In this apartment, which worked on the design of Emma Pearson Ladzherberg, dining room decorated with wooden ceilings with paintings on the walls – dark green. This elegant and beautiful combination.

Design, impressive

This is a place that presents the title of the royal palace, is in the office, about the design that worked Valentin Yudashkin. The walls of the room are painted in deep blue color and elegant ceilings painted white.

Lunch on the elegant roof

The idea of ​​creating a charming thank you to the architect Nicholas Tsupikovu. This dining room ceiling for geometrically surprised aristocratic atmosphere, excellent decor, clarity lines, materials and colors.