45 ideas create perfect human zone in house

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45 ideas for organizing an ideal male band in the house
Organization of the ideal man in the house corner-It is a fun and easy activity. It opens up many interesting opportunities, starting from the location (a basement apartment or candidate) and ending with a variety of appliances and objects. We offer 45 original ideas resettlement area men, whose main task – to reflect the personality and emphasize individuality of the owner.

Recreation area for men

Recreation area in a converted barn

Show your husband's character help material wall coverings. You can paint the walls in a matching color or their oblitsevat stone or tree, hang on the wall art, posters, or place collectibles corresponding to male interests. Such walls through color and texture give the room warmth and comfort.

To transform a former barn into men corner-good idea. Ceilings wood walls, ceilings and floors make the room warm and cozy. You can leave the walls in its original shape, it will look fun and stylish.

men's colors

Shelves for collections

Interior for the hunter

You can decorate the walls as desired. For example, if a man loves hunting like hobby or sport, is hanging on the walls of trophies. They need to lift additional equipment to make the collection more efficient.

Interior for the traveler

Decor for the fisherman

Men who fish? Then it is necessary to repeat the same facility as shown in the picture. It looks good on the wall, and the pictures will remind you of the most memorable moments.

Bar in men interior

What are the male housing costs without bars? Look, he will be fine, for example, in the basement. It can be quite modest size, but it should be.

If the house is enough space, you can set up a refrigerator to store wine and shelves with glasses. This bar L-shaped ideal for placement in a corner.

The spacious bar for a big company

You can build a bar from the outside. This is a good idea if on the farm there is a place to organize a patio or terrace, where you can have fun with friends.

bar street

This is more than an accessory, it's a great idea for the minibar. This cake with ice cream and a practical and elegant.

Each room has its central object; in the case of housing for bachelors, they can be, for example, coffee table or a painting, and a car.

car show

Table of the vehicle

If several cars, you can use demb├ąde exhibits and decoration items. You can arrange around them space using glass walls, through which visitors will be able to admire them. Automotive themes – a male subject so that those parts of the car can be used safely in the interior. For example, like a table.

The car as a decoration

The front of favorite models of cars can also be part of the decor, such as the pole and become a composite core of the interior.