45 living rooms with exposed brick source for inspiration

Beautifully decorated living room with accent on the exposed brick wall

45 living room with exposed bricks – a source of inspiration
In recent years, designers are actively using it because they need structure, unique character and charm. Exposed brick wall in the living room can have a variety of shapes and colors, it fits in a large number of styles – from industry and Shabby Man chic modern and vintage. We offer an overview of the amazing living space, which attracts admiration, wonder and inspiration.

Interior living room with exposed brick

Inner rooms from Downie North Architects

The interior living room through Stuart Sampley Architect

The interior living room through Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Inner room from Steele Street Studios

Interior living room MRSA Architects & Planners

Exposed brick walls and modern interior surprising and amazingly harmonious. For some, it is an opportunity to showcase the rich historical past of the building and combine it with the present. For others, such a wall – a way to bring in a dull interior of glass and concrete piece of individuality and elegance. The recesses can be different, but at least the brick walls always remain an amazing design element.

Modern living room with brick wall accent- One of the most popular trends in recent years, which it seems, does not disappear. Therefore, if the house, apartment or ceiling brick walls are hidden, then it's time to open them and show them the beauty of the original, not putty.

The interior living room through Jason Arnold Interiors

The interior of the living room from the studio lobby

Inner rooms from Pro Launch in Homes

Interior living room with fireplace at Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel Architects

Interior living room with Allison Burke Interior

Interior living room with bright accents

Modern living room with original regional décor

Gallery on a brick wall

The interior living room by Joel Dessaules Design

Outdoor brick wall – it's a wonderful background depicting a collection of paintings and family portraits. Unlike the traditional white walls here any gallery will look more bright and appealing.

The interior living room through Laura U

Interior living room of Jennifer Gustafson Interior

The interior of the living room from BarlisWedlick Architects, Tribeca Studio

Living room with sofa accentual

The interior living room through Carlyn and Company Interior Design

Living in a renovated warehouse in 1895 by Marie Burgos Design

A large number of styles are combined with wonderfully exposed brick walls in the living room. But without a doubt the first place is spectacular and functional industrial. They are only made for each other.

Living in style chic Shabby Man Vintage Renewal

Interior Living Room 14 Fasett Studio LLC

The inner living room through Christen Ales Interior

Due to popular trends in the world refurbishment of old buildings and make them residential brick walls will always be present in the interior. In conjunction with pipes, large windows with metal frames, original lighting, they become a perfect living room for fans of industrial chic.

Solid wood elements combined with white tiles will be the perfect backdrop for the Mediterranean, farmhouse or rustic style. Whitewashed brick will enter the room light and airy atmosphere, so it will fit in wonderfully elegant beach style.

The interior of an elegant living room with a wall kmrpichnoy

Dining room with exposed brick

Wooden beams and painted brick walls in the living room

The small size of the living room is absolutely no obstacle to the walls of exposed bricks. The texture of the wall will bring beauty to the interior of the necessary heat and make it cozy.

Living in southwest style

The interior living room by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

The interior living room through Reiko Feng Shui Design

There are two methods for designing smoothing rooms. It depends entirely on personal preferences and the chosen style. The first – is the choice eclectic way and create thoughtful chaos that will hit a variety of colors, textures, contrasting styles and unique decorative elements. This approach requires harmony, attention to design and organization, as well as the ability to stay on time.

The second method of decorating a small living room tile wall is based on the principles of Scandinavian style. Matte, clean lines and neutral shades – the foundation for everything. In this case a brick wall with open brickwork is transformed into a compound center. It is only necessary to remember that in small spaces is to use only a clear and clear style.

Minimalist interior design room with exposed tiles

The mirrors in the living room of the domestic Marketing Group

Inner room from Helaina Bernstein Design

Brick wall with open brickwork itselfIt is the original decor, so when decorating the living room you can have a small expense. The easiest way – is graffiti, capable of capturing the inner color and pattern and creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Elegant living room in neutral colors

Inner rooms from Ecolution Design Solutions

The interior living room through Phillip Jennings custom housing

Dark brick wall will attract a maximum view. So you can play on contrasting textures (soft transparent curtains and coarse walls) and colors (white and red walls in a room), to fill the living room with energy. If the soul asks for more of something unusual, something can not be found in most living rooms, which offers a look at the sliding door that will highlight the beauty and texture of bricks.