5 jump ideas for interior small bedrooms

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We believe that comfort and a happy spring humor can be created even in the smallest bedroom, apparently not even turning. And today we have decided to share some ideas spring into a small bedroom.

Sunlight transforms all rooms, so try to release the window from the multilayered curtains and replace them with weightless and translucent, preferably light. It will be a bedroom light, and you will be more comfortable and easier to wake up in the morning.

The concept of a small bedroom of all different and, of course, does not exist a universal view of the matter. But, probably, it is obvious that the bedroom in Khrushchev, usually, belongs to this category. So try updating a small bedroom in the spring!

When the space in the bedroom and so little worth use all the available area. Including windowsill. But the window always draws attention, so you should not just dump it on the mountain a lot of things: try to give them a certain order, placing books, extended detail on the basket or the drawer for storage.

Spring – it's time to get rid of redundancy, so check out the things you're in the bedroom, just leaving what you really need. A storage is the ideal desired shelf is in the corner, even in the smallest bedroom can afford such a rack.

If you have not already done, make sure that obzavedites, because bedside tables – it's not only the ability to put a glass of water, but also a place that can be done beautifully. A bouquet of flowers, a beautiful vintage alarm clock, favorite book – this is a decorative composition. But how to place a table in a very small bedroom? Look at the picture below: it can sometimes be half the table.

Do not be afraid of loading space: better on the wall to hang a pair of your favorite pictures or posters than the bare walls come waft sadness. Spring comes sunshine in our lives, hope and love, so why not create a mood in the bedroom is to wake up every day with the feeling that spring has come!