5 most incredible tables that delight

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The table like delights
 What could be easier table? But before modern designers it is not an easy task to make a modern, original and functional furniture. And many of them handle it. What is a table of surprises, if the rope can be a support for the table and how the ancient monuments of the architecture expressed in furniture? We picked five most incredible tables by famous designers who can surprise.

Surprise table
On the surface it's a simple wooden table, but it's full of surprises. It is made in a minimalist style and is a multifunctional furniture. There are many hidden secret panels and drawers.

The Japanese are known for their passion for a secret storage system

Designers' Work and Naoki Hirakoso Takamitsu Kitahara

There are many hidden secret panels and drawers
The idea of ​​creating such furniture belongs to Japanese designer Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Kitahara. The Japanese are known for their passion for a secret storage system. Because of the small cells, it is easy to keep the house in order and keep a lot of things and small items.

Coffee table, designed in a rustic style, with built-in adjustable tiles for laptop
It seems, rural style and modern gadgets inside visually do not agree, but the French Grange furniture company has found an original compromise between them. Designers are offered a coffee table, designed in a country style, with built-in adjustable compartment for your laptop. If necessary, they can be easily converted, and it is off this furniture is comfortable to work.

Table of niches for books
It may happen that some books will last close to hand, but then on the table there is some space and a feeling more moving. To avoid such problems, for book lovers we have developed a special table of open niches. Because the work surface looks perfect and all you need is in sight.

How flexible cord can be a support for the table? Incredible, when you want to go beyond the ordinary and impress others, everything is possible! It happened with the designer Fabio Novembre, who created a collection of transparent tables with support in the form of a rope.

A table supported by the rope
Continuing the theme recommends a look as some designers manage to create the incredible beauty of ugly materials.