5 principles compactness solution for furniture placement small apartment

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Everything we have ever seen, the interior, furniture, as such, is not much, and almost impossible. The small apartment decor the most important – not the amount of furniture, and how to put it.

As a rule, the furniture can be placed in the apartment so that there is room left in the middle of the room. This is not always the right decision, because in this case the space just creates an illusion of space in the room, but in fact we are still in the walls there furniture. A good solution would be if you place the table in the middle of the room, like the island, which will be scheduled space. At the same time, when the tables are located in the middle of the room, they create an interesting composition, based on the middle of the room.

The compact arrangement of furniture solutions, the options save space in the apartment, ideas for small apartments – all this can be found in this article.

Mobile furniture can be considered as a somkan move independently of an average person without difficulty. That is, it is a simple, small furniture that can be moved to different places needed for apartments. And if this furniture is also on wheels to move it gets even easier. From this, your interior will benefit, and you will get a room transformer, which can be changed to fit your needs in just one minute.

Dolls hiding in each other submit a good idea for interior decoration: furniture that can be folded into each other – a good solution for small apartments. For example, coffee table, small lid less than or stools, which are placed on top of each other, without taking up space.