5 reasons why dome homes better

5 great reasons to build a geodesic dome home. Architecture

Dome house – functional buildings.
Due to the ever-growing population and the planet-emerging energy crisis, experts are seeking an alternative to conventional homes with high energy consumption. Despite some amazing and unusual looks, modern residents prefer all building dome home. In this review there are 5 compelling reasons why it is necessary to build dome houses.

Dome House – energy efficient construction.

The interior of the dome design.
Sphere, made in the form of a house, hardens the smallest of the numbers with the same capacity. Therefore, a 30 percent less material and therefore power loss is reduced by one third for the construction of the dome compared to a rectangle.

Transparent dome design.

Detached house, built in the form of a dome.
Compared to traditional houses built on the dome, much less building materials make them cheaper construction.

Dome House – Seismic Durable Construction.

The original house in the form of a geodetic dome.
According to the statistics under the usual earthquake rectangular houses, the dome is destroyed and the dome remains intact. Many wonder why. Researchers have linked this time to form the constituents of the dome – a triangle. Unlike square shapes while vibrations, it is almost impossible to deform.

Dome building with original design.
At first glance, it may appear that the dome built-in monotonous. But the possibilities for interior houses of this type are endless. Walls and window openings can be installed anywhere you want.

Spectacular view of the geodetic dome.

Designer house dome of transparent glass.
And in the end it can be noted that the dome house simply looks amazing. Just now these geodetic Built-in very popular in developing countries. Some charities build entire villages of dome homes for people affected by natural disasters.