5 secrets living rooms interior design from professional designers


5 secrets of decorative living from professional designers
It is very difficult not to go beyond the fine boundary between the necessary number of furniture and accessories, and their excess. When decorating a living room designers managed to find a balance. Designers are happy to share tips on what to look for, including the size, lighting and functionality of the room, placing furniture, art and accessories, so as not to overload space.

Spanish symmetry

painted alive

Designer: Adrian Koffka and TsintiyaFakos (Koffka / PhakosDesign) Location: EtuoterVillidzh, Los AngelesSize: 4.2 x 4.8 mBeds: 1926The landlord's requirement: The landlord David Collins, a television producer wanted the living room to be nice, cozy, bright and comfortable. Working plan. In the restructuring of all rooms in the house, the living room has decided not to touch it, to keep the place of symmetry the fireplace, the original brick buildings 20s, but it was decided to pay more attention to decor and use a simple but elegant tile gray-green shade handmade. To maintain the symmetry and balance of the designers who participate in the interior of the bookcase with open shelves. This solution has also helped keep the ceiling intact. New windows in traditional style, with wooden frames, updated and emphasized form plaster rounded beveles. The picture of the living room and other rooms was supplemented with single sidebands, with radial textures especially the age and waxed oak floors. Antique chairs and coffee tables are perfect in combination with a sofa. The owner is picked up on his own fabrics for drapes and carpets from natural materials such as linen. Positive. Designers follow symmetry and balance between old and new, to keep premises historical value and make the interior modern. The secret designer. Stick symmetry. Difficulties. This house was in very poor condition at the time of acquisition. Many elements and shapes the designers wanted to keep the original and intact, including the ceiling, but furniture has to be replaced. In poor condition and had a fireplace, but it looked so carefully restored that you did not know about it. Costs and savings. Painted cabinets, windows and floor tiles are treated cheaply. The money saved went to expensive floor surfaces, giving the room an authentic elegance in the old world.

Designer: StefaniTeofanos (Modern Traditions Decor) Location: Richmond. VirginiaAttach: 37,1 m2Build year: 1908The requirement for homeowners. The owner said the room was too dark and the background of others, including a hall with beige wallpaper and "blue" dining room and "blue" kitchen where the repair was done, did not look impressive. Plan. The landlord wants to keep the existing furniture in the room. Designer Stephanie Teofanos believes that the color of the walls, cream, chose wrong and it all seems a weak background. The designer decided to choose a color so that it was combined with the main colors of the decor in adjoining rooms, but would not be too dark and saturated. The designer has made the interior of an object such as the Ottoman rug, and the walls are painted in blue-green shades. It's quite deep color that melts with the blue dining room, while it's enough saturated colors, it looks particularly beautiful in daylight. Positive. This room is a perfect example of how to achieve significant results through small efforts. Homeowners room seemed dark, but just because of the dark color it turned into a bright and white decorative element, including finishing and window frames, only stressed saturation. The secret designer. Do not be afraid to experiment with color. Often it happens that a pale color makes the room darker and darker in the color – light. Budget: for color and performance.

The interior of the living room from Margaret Donaldson and Alexis Lee Wilks

Delivered by Julie Cutler

Manor on the coast

Designer: Wendy BlekbendPlats: Newport Beach, CaliforniaBuilding Year: 2015Claim for homeowners. Modern holiday home should be a place comfortable for entertaining with a large living room and access to the patio through the large sliding glass doors. Plan. Furniture was necessary to arrange so that you can move freely from one room to another. Blekbend managed to create two comfortable passage through minor changes in planning. Positive. The open design of the first floor, while the design team began to work on the design of the kitchen, dining room and living room. In the living room, it was decided to install a fireplace and large doors leading to the courtyard, let the daylight and view the surroundings complement the interior. Through sliding doors in the room there was more room for extra chairs and tables.

Outside the terrace