5 sensible tips for those who are going buy double bed

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Tips for choosing a bed

Healthy sleep is the key to good humor, high performance and a perfect figure. It is therefore important to choose the right bed to serve as long as possible, satisfied with its design and not to disturb it. To do this is to know how many shades will determine the perfect option.

Wrought iron bed in the interior

Wicker bed in the interior

Wooden bed in the interior
First of all, it is necessary to notice material that made the bed. The longest-serve furniture, metal and wood. Also be durable woven bed made of rattan. Cheaper options are MDF and particleboard. They are cheap, but they are often cracks. These eventually beds break badly and lose their appearance.

It is necessary to choose the right foundation
Of course, on the bed should be comfortable. And it's not about mattress. In fact, in addition to his bed should be a good base. Spring and solid plywood bass is now largely unavailable. Many prefer orthopedic options. Their skeletons are made of wood or metal, the slats can be made of plastic or wood. For a good night's sleep a double bed base must be equipped with 30th such strips. They allow the mattress to breathe and to protect it from deformation.

Orthopedic bed reason

Bed with lifting mechanism

functional mainframe

Wicker rattan bed
Thinking about usability is important to pay attention to beauty. The bed should be chosen under the style of the room. In classical style and looking good organic wooden furniture. For directions retro, land and Provence is advisable to choose the forged bed. The minimalist style is simple frames without bedside. The loft or interior in high-tech style fits a good leather bed.

Beautiful bed in the interior

Nice bed in the interior

Bed in retro style
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