5 tips om te helpen het huis te beschermen tegen indringers wanneer de eigenaars verlaten

8 tips om inbrekers buiten te houden

Nothing attracts potential thieves as well as driving on the track to the house, well-prepared bushes and newspapers pile up in the mailbox. It is necessary to ask a friend or neighbor to check the house and pick up the mail every day from 10:00 to 15:00 (at this time most thefts will occur).

There are some simple steps that you edge to deter thieves. To start the switch can be connected to "smart" hours (which you can buy on Amazon for $ 7) and schedule it on and off at certain times of the day.

Although the house has a landline phone, before leaving it has to be closed because the phone is unobtrusively ringed, if nobody picks up the phone to catch the attention of thieves.

In fact, a surveillance video system of the best ways to protect the house during the weekends. When the alarm is triggered or a signal is received from the cameras, security experts will arrive immediately.

And if someone seems too expensive to charge such a system, it is possible to install at least the camera on the USB powered or battery powered. It is useful to install such a camera on the roof, to get an overview of the house, and the other close window to see what happened outside.

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