5 tips that help make small space more


Useful ideas for small spaces

How to make a small room more practical and more beautiful? We found some effective ideas for transforming small spaces. They will be useful even for those who have enough space in the apartment.

Transparent furniture in the living room
Sometimes in the living room just do not make beigeett coffee table. For small rooms, it is better to choose a model of transparent plastic or glass. This furniture will relieve the space and make the interior lighting understandable.

Niches in the interior
The apartments with the wrong plan often found niches or places where they can be made. What are they for? At first, it seems that they only eat space. In fact, in a niche you can make a comfortable sitting area or arrange storage. There is also a convenient location pantry or home office.

Translucent furniture in the dining room

functional furnishings
The interior of the small apartment must not only be varacked, but also functional. On the role of these elements is the perfect basket. They can be placed anywhere, and put them all as your heart desires.

In the small bedroom you must use the space formaximum. If you can not put a cabinet or chest of drawers, keep in mind storage systems under the bed. Today, a lot of finished models of furniture with such a feature present. Under normal bed things can be stored in boxes, plastic containers and drawers on the legs.