50 most original bedroom in style shabby chic

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50 most original rooms in the style of chic Shabby Man
Very few products that cause sopolar views like shabby chic. Many like it for its simplicity and tranquility in the age of the decor. Another, he seems to be feminine and impractical. Whatever, but in the past two decades, this style has had a huge impact on the world of design fittings.

Bedroom furnishings of Lisa Teague Design Studios

Bedroom furnishings in the style of an elegant Shabby Man fans collection

Bedroom furnishings in the style of chic Shabby Man

Bedroom furnishings by Laura Garner

Bedroom interior design by Wendi Young Design

Today, shabby chic popular than ever. Many people he attracts with his unique charm, and where will it start unless in the bedroom. Quiet bedroom and feminine and chic style Shabby Man – a great combination. stylish atmosphere – a comfortable, eco-friendly d├ęcor, a mix of vintage and antique items and unique features.

Vintage and antique elements – basic habby chic style, no matter how deep penetration is planned in style. There is always a way to be calm finish, older furnishings. Depreciation helps to give the interior an authentic look. In fact, the real grown old furniture and create the necessary atmosphere.

A cozy bedroom in the style of chic Shabby Man

Bedroom furnishings by Rigby & Mac

The unexpected decision

Interior Bedroom from The Home

The original main body of pallets

Various application windows

Bedroom interior of Pia Capdevila

The bedroom in the style of chic Shabby Man with original fireplace

No strict rules that would define the color should be used when making a bedroom like chic Shabby Man. The most common choice is white, but you can not limit yourself.

Interior Bedroom from Hillarys

Cozy Bedroom Style Shabby Man chic with feminine atmosphere

Bright colors in a shabby chic

Bedroom furnishings by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture / Amy Neunsinger

Bedroom interior of Pam DiCapo

Bright colors in a shabby chic

If there is a desire to unite with the shabby style style, you can decorative pillows and bedding to choose bright colors. But for the French or rustic style beach calm tones are needed. But we must remember that in the case of a bedroom in the style of chic Shabby Man in the first place there is consistency and finish, and the color palette is secondary.

Bedroom furnishings by Rethink Design Studio

Bedroom furnishings by Louise de Miranda

The original main course

Headboard – one of the elements in the entry room that defines the style of the room. Choosing the bedside table for a bedroom in the style of chic Shabby Man varying. This can be a panel of old, formerly in the use of wood, and barn door, shutters and classic.

Searching bed the bedroom has the transformation problem, if you find a beautiful old doors, remove from them color and painted in white color. Get amazing bedside linens, perfect for chic shabby man.

Interior bedroom of the Loaf

Bedroom furnishings of Magnolia Homes

Bedside tables are different

If madly like the white color, which creates the bedroom the atmosphere of femininity, and I want to get away from the glossy ideas of modernity, then shabby chic – the right choice. White – the obvious choice for the bedroom in this case. It helps create a calm atmosphere giving a perfect backdrop for vintage decor and antique accessories.

Bedroom furnishings by Donna Benedetto Designs

A cozy bedroom in the style of chic Shabby Man

Using various shades of white help minimize fragmentation of space. They are wonderfully suited for the French village, the beach or the classic varieties of style Shabby Man chic. If you have any doubt about the choice of color, you must take it white.

Many forget that the central element's bedroom is the bed, and focuses on the choice of biosomes. It is best to design a bedroom to begin with the choice of bed, and then you can proceed to the choice of suitable bedside tables, lamps and other accessories.

Interior Bedroom from Cabbages & Roses

Bedroom interior of Leslie L. Hunt Interior

Obviously, the first choice of bed is determined by the size of the bedroom. Vintage metal frame correctly painted, or classic European style bed – the best choice for chic Shabby Man. The other important feature – bedding, suggests that shabby chic comfort. so beautiful and delicate, intimate and eccentric turn and kitchen in the style of chic shabby man.