50 most stunning living rooms in style shabby chic from worlds top designers

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50 most amazing living in style Shabby Man chic from the best designers in the world
Shabby chic style has become a powerful and modern trend, becoming more popular for each day. We offer a review of the best living that shows creative, exclusive and warm interiors. They are warm, calm, it's a world where individuality dominates, practical and comfort.

Interior Living Room Vintage Renewal

Inner room from Corynne Pless

Interior living room Louise de Miranda

Living room with a trunk instead of a coffee table

Living room with pink accents

Living room with vintage elements

Living room with sea element

Package instead of wallpaper.

Mot culture rotation, an attempt to revitalize the past, a desire to revitalize old things. While many see the reason for this trend in budget savings. Whatever it was, but shabby chic style appeared in the 80's of the last century, and its creators saw themselves as rebels in the design world.

Mostly in the interior, decorated in the style of Sabby Man chic, white is dominant, and if it seems boring then leave it and take. But this does not mean they should be limited to. In each living room should be a bright accent, which would destroy the visual monotony in different shades of white. This pastel color, which is preferable, for example, cool blue, light pink and light coin. They filled the room with a refreshing atmosphere.

Living with structure

The interior living room by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

Interior living room style Shabby Man chic

The interior living room by R. Cartwright Design

Finding a flea market is always the way

Romantic Living in style chic shabby man

Inner rooms from Cabbages & Roses

Interior living room Magnolia Homes

The interior living room by Lisa K. Tharp – K. Tharp Design

The interior of the living room from ThinkMakeBuild

White living room floor

The interior of the living room from Grahnat

Living in style Shabby Man with coast chic, Industrial or just farm theme may seem to lack femininity. Such a strategy will delight everyone in the house. As a general rule, issuing such an interior must be several years of hiking in antique stores, flea markets. A clear understanding of their goals, the ability to choose the items you want and patience will yield the desired results.

The interior living room through the old painted Cottage

Interior Living Room over Nuts & Architects

Interior living room Sara Bates

The interior living room through the SF Girl of the Bay

Interior living room from Mini Manor

The interior living room by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

Inner rooms from Whitstable Island Interiors

The bedroom in the style of chic Shabby Man

After such a humble beginning, the desire to move on to more decisive action. And soon the whole weekend will be filled with searches and transformations of modern subjects in the ages. The most important thing – remember harmony, individuality and practicality.

The interior living room through Laura Garner

Interior living room of English rural Antiques

Interior living room style Shabby Man chic

Inside of a living room in blue tones

Shabby Chic is ideal for small living through discreet background, giving the room a sense of space. Monochrome white walls in this case will be an advantage, you can create multiple layers of exciting combining contrasting textures and finishes. Antique mirrors, sliding doors, home-made coffee tables and classic sofas help to create a living room, especially if it is filled with sunlight.

White will not ignore it. It plays an important role in creating a cozy aura. And it's not just the walls, painted in different shades of white, the floor can also be white, white accessories will help create a charming atmosphere. Elements such as whitewashed brick walls, wooden beams and metal frames will help to create texture contrast, even if they are made in black and white color palettes.

Interior living room Catherine Sandin

Inner room from Shannon Malone

Interior living room style Shabby Man chic

Interior living room style Shabby Man chic