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50 most amazing kitchens in gray from the best designers in the world
Very few flowers popular spring years as well as gray. It is not only the most fashionable, but also the most versatile among the neutral color palettes. To get rid of plain beige and white tones, it is necessary to issue the kitchen is in gray. The interior elegant and trendy. We offer an overview of kitchen interiors in 50 shades of gray from the best designers in the world.

The Kitchen of Jules Art of Living

The kitchen of VSP Interiors

The Kitchen By Joe Schmelzer, Treasurbite Studio

The kitchen in Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen

The kitchen in Devol Kitchens

The kitchen in Matiz Architecture & Design

The kitchen in the EVAA Home Design Center

There are many shades of what can be used as background, and the focus of the chosen architectural elements. In addition, gray incredibly plastic and makes it easy to decorate the inside of your favorite shade.

In spite of the obvious urban look, it is perfect for the rustic kitchen. Of course, he will not be the only color in the decor. It can easily be combined with colorful accents and traditional white background.

The kitchen in Eggersmann London

The kitchen of Chris Woodburn Interiors

The kitchen of Specht Harpman Architects

The kitchen in HSH Interiors

The Kitchen in the Art of Construction

The kitchen in Williams Ridout

Kitchen in Roundhouse

The kitchen in Odenza Homes

The Kitchen of Harvey Jones Kitchens

Kitchen interior in various shades of gray

Beauty gray depends on which method of application, it can be quite neutral shades and bright accents. That's why it replaces white and beige with modern kitchens, designed by the best designers in the world.

Kitchen in Roundhouse

Skinny background interior white and gray kitchen from BYGG

Kitchen interior in various shades of gray

Interior kitchen James Dixon Architect

Glass roof in the kitchen

Kitchen in cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

The Kitchen in Romanelli & Hughes Custom Construction Company

The kitchen in the Fiddlehead Design Group

Even the weather is important when determining the number of gray and shades that can be used in the interior. Dark gray in northern latitudes can create a gloomy mood due to lack of sunlight. Lighting – an important factor to consider when creating the perfect interior.

The Kitchen By Russell Taylor Architects

The kitchen in Vanbetlehem Architect

The Kitchen in Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design

Ideally, we need a strong flow of natural light, to brighten up the room during the day and in the evening will do this task subtle mixing suspended and recessed luminaires. As lighting – it's not just the beauty of chandeliers, you need to approach the matter seriously and responsibly.

Using LED Strips Mounted Cabinets have become a popular trend in recent years, they are wonderfully illuminating the workspace. Above the kitchen island, it is best to hang beautiful chandeliers, combined with the style and color range of food. Particularly successful version of a kitchen will be those where there is a view of the garden, patio or courtyard through the large glass walls.

The Kitchen in Design London

Vintage accents in the interior of the kitchen from Kohler

Kitchen interior in various shades of gray

Interior food from Miller Hull

50 shades of gray for kitchen furnishings They have a completely different meaning. In gray there is really a large amount of colors, tones and halftones. They allow you to create a stylish interior. You can easily combine different styles of furniture and colors, with the original transition from one tone to another, while the general background. Gray can be a dominant color, and accentual.

The kitchen in Meshberg Group

The Kitchen of Harvey Jones Kitchens

The Kitchen of Webber + Studio, Architects

The kitchen of Michelle Dirkse Interior

Focus on design magazinesInteriör paid a large and spacious kitchen, so only small and small kitchens with limited space in the world much more. However, the gray color is suitable for them, despite the common myth that it creates a dark and overwhelming atmosphere. For this purpose quite irregular layout, junk and poor lighting.

The best option is to use two or three different colors, one of which will certainly be white. This strategy will help to avoid visual fragmentation, create a sense of space and give the kitchen a slightly more organized look. It's amazing what a good combination would be dark gray cabinet and white background. But do not give up the classics. The snowy kitchen: 40 amazing white interiors, which is anything but boring.