6 coolest ideas how to use moldings in interior

Crown Molding Ideas 30

Unusual use of the molds in the interior

Lists are integrated subclassical style. They give the inner elegance and gravity. But today is used in very different styles, and is not only used to decorate the apartment. It turns out that lists can be comfortable and functional furnishings.

Stylish and functional interior

Lists can be used for storing shoes
Women's shoes are very practical to store in lists. For this purpose, they must be mounted on the wall in several rows. Then they become attractive and functional interior complement. You can choose interesting color lists that will overlap with other home decor, such as furniture, curtains or decorative pillows.

Bookshelves of lists
Interestingly enough, lists canister shelves. This option makes it possible to save a useful area and place the book, even in the small rooms. They can also be placed in a corner of the room. In this use, the lists should take into account the severity of the books and make reliable attachment.

Functional use of the angle

Exposure family photos

Photos on support lists

Lists can be beautiful and functional interior complements

Wall Decals photographs and lists

Suspended shelves of lists

On lists can be stored cosmetics

In the same bathroom is actually hiding underneath casting nystan with toilet paper or paper towels. Rare the unusual use of casting that will make the interior of the bathroom or toilet original.

Holder for paper towels

Frame lists from TV
Lists are often used for decoration of the ceiling. This method breaks space and provides further perspective. On this and many other things Our review – 23 of the original ideas for the design of the ceiling.