6 simple ways add couple square meters a small apartment

6 simple ways to add a couple of square meters in a small apartment
Not everyone can boast a big apartment, where there is room for realizing all hotel rooms. More often, choose between wishes and extreme necessity. We offer 7 simple ways to expand the space, when will drive everything that I want.


Cabinets, shelves

Problem. One can dream of a kitchenette for breakfast, but if there is no place for a Tola, then realizing the dream will not work. Solution. Mobile kitchen island will be a solution to the problem, it can be easily placed in each corner. And if next to put like bar stools, it's wonderful to cope with the role in the table for breakfast. You can also invite friends to visit.

Problem. As always, kitchen cabinets and tables filled the most necessary things. Throw nothing, but still have to hide something, and that's it. Solution. It's time to hit the walls in the floating shelves and fill them with the necessary kitchen utensils. Now, even in the kitchen fits nice decoration.

reading area


dressing room

Problem. There is a small room, more reminiscent of a shoe box. We need a changing room. Solution. Add a mobile hanger, shelf, mirror and a miniature ottoman.

home office