7 beds that make life easier for owners small apartments

In a tiny Seattle apartment, the bed is
A bed and storage cabinet from Bumblebee Spaces drop down from the ceiling in a Seattle apartment during a demo of the space saving smart furniture.

Beds that will save space

What kind of bed to choose from in a very flat near or additional sleeping area for guests? In this case, the furniture should be so practical, concise, yet elegant and appealing or even unnoticed. We found the coolest models capable of relieving space and making it more functional.

The bed in the closet
Appropriate the bed in a studio generally not visible. To solve this problem is possible with the help of special convertible furniture. A draw, and a double bed is transformed into a regular wardrobe.

Bed under the table
As sometimes you want to lie down and rest after long-term work at the computer. Just one bed, got a table set up for this purpose. To the look, it's a regular table, but if you want it turned into a comfortable bed. This option is suitable in the apartments where there is a need in the workplace, but it is not possible to place a table and a bed in the same room.

Bed as a zone element
If you want to share an apartment in the area and wardrobe bed, for these purposes, perfect bed fits easily into a planned partition. It does not take much space and looks pretty good.

The bed under the roof
You can choose and the bed with a lift mechanism allows you to hide the bed from the ceiling. This furniture will allow for a free space. Under the bed perfectly fit a sitting area or work space.

Chairman of the mattresses
It seems like this is just a soft chair, but in fact it consists of two mattresses, which for a few seconds can turn into a comfortable double. A practical choice for a small room or a guest room.

cardboard bed
The bed that can be folded and hiding behind the door – the dream for many, who cured in malogabaritki. Thanks to the ingenuity of modern designers this is not fantasy, but a reality. For example, there is already a bed of ordinary cardboard. It is easily broken down, it is convenient to store, and she calmly resist the importance of an adult of average build.

Storage in a cardboard bed

Bed made of cardboard
It happens to a large family and a small living room. How to place everyone from the comfort of this case? We found 19 illustrative examples of how to solve this problem.