7 ideas that make life easier for owners small bathrooms

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Ideas that will delight the owners into small bathrooms
Fertilization bathroom is the smallest enobed bathroom malogabaritki. Sometimes the room size is so small that it is difficult to place a standard plumbing and conventional towel. This cramped room rather wants to leave. But we have found 7 good ideas to help you organize the space in a small bathroom and make it harmonious. Because it just does not want to go out for hours.

Small glossy mosaic
The first thing that will save some space-light background wall. For the bathroom it is better to choose clean shades – white, soft blue, weak green. And to reinforce the effect of the walls, it is best to use a fine mosaic with a shiny effect. It will reflect the light and create an illusion of more space.

glass masonry
Today, very popular plates are imiter armor, by the way, made from a variety of materials. For bath suitable glass or glazed. Its oblong shape is visually erasing the boundaries of space, and shine – reflect light and increase it.

Mirror wardrobe on the wall
The mirror is an effective tool for the expansion of visual space. But in the bath should not only be for decorative effect. Therefore, it is worth noting the basic model, but spacious mirrored cabinets. And if you do not use one without several of these items, the small bathroom would be more functional and attractive.

The shower area in the corner
The fact that it is reasonable to get rid of bathroom shower favor, writes often and much. And the benefits of this option are obvious. First of all, it saves water. Secondly, the room becomes more spacious. The only small room is not recommended to put cockpit with frosted or opaque walls. It is better to give preference to clearing options and getting a gap.

functional blindness
By the way, the shower drawer can perform at once. Some problems – used for the intended purpose, and to act as a storage system. These accessories are cheap but great size space and allow you to use the space functional.

By the way, the shell can be done with a secret, and organize with her a secret storage. It should be hidden from the eyes, but contains a lotion, shampoo and other vesicles. This will bring order in the bathroom, and deliver guests from admiring personal hygiene items.

In fact, there are still a lot of ideas about functional storage in the bathroom. All of them are interesting and worthy of attention!