7 insanely cool pieces furniture that make interior functional

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7 crazy cold furniture that will make the interior of the functional

The coffee table in the shape of big sunglass cupcake feces of this rope – yes, designers can surprise! They create unusual furniture that can not only turn out, but also make the interior more practical. We have compiled the most original and interesting examples!

multifunctional module
Italian brand furniture Multiplo release universal model system, consisting of small soft carpets. All of them can be attached to each other and create the necessary structures, such as chairs, sofas, tables, beds. Very comfortable and functional, especially in a small apartment.

The second life of old chairs
Spanish designer Tess Hill (Tess Hill) loves turning old things into functional furnishings. For example, he created a collection of unusual bookshelves, which also act as clothes hangers. For this he used the old wooden poles.

multifunctional module

Pallet from a rope
Designer John Fraser (Jon Fraser) decided that furniture can be made from something that will fall under the arm. To prove his claim, he made an ergonomic chair rope. As an attachment he used a polyurethane resin.

A table in the form of sunglasses
Russian Yekaterina Semenko inspired theme holidays and summer holidays, in the end she turned pretty creative furniture. It has developed tables with glass slabs and metal, resembling large colored glasses – elegant addition summer interior.

The small apartments are suitable modular systems, which are easy to arrange and change. It came up with a furniture designer Sanjin Halilovic, it can act as a storage and places to relax and read.

Functionally, there is no one
We found 7 more unusual furniture that will delight everyone!