7 miniature tubs from which it is impossible look away

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Bath, which will not look away

What happens if the bathroom is so small, plumbing that does not fit the standard sizes in it? In addition, it is desirable to put a bath instead of a shower. In this case, help mini-baths, which are specially designed for small spaces. We found the most interesting, beautiful and compact versions.

Mini bath in retro style
Traditional retro style baths usually have a lot of space and are placed in the middle of the room so that they could enjoy. But plumbing manufacturers have taken care of malogabaritok owners who like old-fashioned style. Now it's a throw-top bath and even a small bathroom.

Mini bath in organic style
Eco-friendly lover with the right treasure armini bath of wood. Today, such a model is durable and waterproof wood. They are further treated with pesticides, fire and water.

Mini-tub round shape
Round bath – the best option for a small room. It can be placed in the middle along a wall, and on each side of her to arrange rack or cabinet.

Red oval bath – a selection of fathers who want to make the interior exceptional. This plumbing helps focus and draws attention. And that's exactly what you need in a small room.

For an elegant interior, performs with light shades, so a bath – a real bargain. Due to the high back, it will be advisable to take a bath in a sitting position. A form of the boat on the other hand will save space.

The color purple is able to freshen up the interior of the bath, it can be supported by accessories or towels. Feet in the shape of Lions paws give this special charm bath and talk about the good taste of the owner. The suitability mini tub of such a plan in the rooms, decorated in the style of Provence, or retro.

An elegant solution for a small bathroom

Bath of copper – it is always nice and presentable, even in a small bathroom. Quite often, copper creates vintage-style models, imaginative shapes with legs. But sometimes you can find compact versions, made in the form of a tube.