7 most romantic houses tree which can be ordered through online service

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Treehouse – hiding place for lovers.
So far the tree house is no longer a secluded place just for children. More and more, spend time loving couples. Offices around the world are willing to offer them a place to stay at a height to suit all tastes. But this can be done by not even leaving home. In this review, you can read the 7 most romantic cottages in the trees, which can be ordered through the online service.

San Francisco Bay Treehouse – a house, located at an altitude of 9 meters.
The San Francisco Bay Treehouse is built on oak height of 9 meters. It is a real romantic nest for two with a bed size double bed and a lot of light. On a small terrace lover can sit comfortably with a glass of wine and enjoy views of San Francisco Bay. The cost is a pleasure of $ 230 per night.

Aromatica Treehouse – a tree house in the Italian flowering valley.
Aromatica Treehouse is located in the center of the picturesque Valley of San Salvatore Monferrato (Italy). Different scents of flowering herbs and scenic views of the distant hills leave an unforgettable impression on travelers. Treehouse is designed for two people and it costs around $ 140.

Wollemi Wilderness Tree House – a hut on a tree in the rainforest.

Wollemi Wilderness Tree House – a romantic honeymoon place.
The most frequent rainforest Blue Mountain (Australia) is a secluded hut called Wollemi Wilderness Tree House. It is specially designed for honeymooners or those who want to escape from movement in big cities. The open plan allows day and night to enjoy the greatness of the forest and the Ravens Bowens Creek Gorge. Price per night at this place will make up to $ 700.

Treehouse is located in the city limits (Atlanta, USA).
Difficult to believe, but it is surrounded by lush green, tree house, located just minutes from downtown Atlanta (USA). Inside there are 3 rooms with antique furniture. In addition, in all travel agencies, he is described as the most suitable place for relaxation and romance. After all, there is nothing better than falling asleep and waking up to birdsong without leaving the city. The cost of living is $ 350 per night.

Milandes – wooden house in France.
To create such a fantastic construction house commemoration "Milandes" architects were inspired by the castle nearby. The building is designed to accommodate up to 6 people. Inside is everything you need for a comfortable stay guests. And in the middle of the terraces found a large jacuzzi. Overnight stay in a wooden castle will cost visitors no less than $ 275.

Taveuni Treehouse – house, located on a coconut plantation on the island of Fiji.
On an island in the middle of a deserted Fiji Coconut plantation is a colorful tree house – Taveuni Treehouse. There is enough space not only in love, eager to romance, and even for families with children. Although this building is a bit away from resort location, tourists may want to join the total mass of tourists and to visit all the treatments offered by local service. One night in the tree house will cost $ 120. When two people fall in love, all around the neighborhood: and nature, and housing, and pastime in an informal atmosphere. And there is nothing that will contribute to the atmosphere as dinner together. 11 Overview of the most spectacular places for dinner for two can be very useful.