7 practical ideas for shoe storage that should be adopted

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7 practical ideas for shoe storage

How to avoid feeling messy the corridor, and relieve her space? To do this, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the system for shoes storage. We picked up a number of ideas, which will help organize a small space and avoid confusion in it.

multifunctional stools
Bench – a versatile furniture that fits perfectly into the interior kitchen, living room, balcony or living room. It is smaller than the sofa, but in practice performs its function. For malogabaritok must choose a model equipped with a storage compartment. It fits perfectly with a large collection of shoes, both summer and winter. 3. Mobile shelves

mobile shelves
This compact device, of course, as a practical people. First, the storage system has a small size. In addition, tissue cells (in which fits a lot of shoes) can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. One more shelves fitted with wheels so that it can move freely in the room. 4. Metal rack

metal rack
The metal rack can be installed in any corner of the hall. This storage system is good because it often has several compartments for storing keys and different things.

horizontal tripod
Such a position is easy to do with their hands, and it can be placed in any space. It takes up little space, looks very airy and is an excellent alternative to a traditional shoe shelves.

crepe condition
Corrugated recessed rack looks very unusual and interesting. It is perfect for interior decoration or Scandinavian minimalist style. 6. Organizer with pockets

Organizer with pockets
Today, incredible popularity organizer won several pockets. This is because such a storage system can be placed on any door. Stay comfortable anywhere, including shoes. 7. Hooks for shoesOnder storage and high boots POWER SHOULD mark them so that they are not crushed and do not lose their appealing appearance. To do this, we invented a special hanger for shoes. They hung a small metal rack that fits the wardrobe easily.

Rack shoes
Suitable storage shoes can only be practical. Forget the beauty is not worth it. We have collected 7 creative and incredibly cool ideas that will transform the space and help organize the storage of shoes.