7 really cool ideas for small spaces

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Really cool ideas for small spaces

At the small apartments is already a lot has been written and said, but this subject is still inexhaustible. The hosts malogabaritok and designers do not rest on their stores and constantly upgrade little space. Briefly engage in a small shelter and make the space habitable? We found a really cool idea!

Enable space near the door
When there is no opportunity to place in the inrefull rack or bookcase, it is worth thinking about the efficient use of the space at the door. For example, to make a compact open shelves, where it will be convenient to put books, cartons and other small items. It sees such a storage system is very elegant, and at the same time, does not stop moving around in the room.

Takes an empty wall for the storage system
When it comes to a small space, functional need to use every corner of the space. This also applies to empty walls, which can be decorated with small wall shelves in the bathroom and place them shampoo, gels and other hygiene products. It will relieve place close to the mirror and solve the problem of storage.

Put transparent furniture
Once inside the apartment a small place, bulky furniture-like eating space. Therefore, from the massive alternatives should be abandoned in favor of light and transparent materials. For example, choose a table made of plexiglass and fashionable plastic chairs. This technique is about creating an illusion of a light and airy place.

Get off the darkest color in the corridor
If the hall is too small or very corridor-shaped, it is not necessary to reduce the already small room with dark shades of the walls. It is better to stay on the cool shades that visually widen the walls, these include blue and light green. In an extreme case, this can be the classic white one.

Look up the library near the ceiling
Thanks to the development of Ande brands likeIKEA, now you have the opportunity to create your own library on the roof. You only need to set open shelves and give a small ladder or stool to make it easy to get the necessary books. This option is suitable for those who love to read, but a place to arrange all the books in the apartment is largely missing.

Enable storage niches
If we talk about storage, we simply can not ignore the 10 simple solutions for a perfect arrangement in the house. Every woman will find something interesting for you in this review.