7 ways revive old dresser and give it new life

A metal vase filled with pink tulips complements this free form floral pattern. Get the tutorial at Shades of Blue Interiors.

How to revive the old agency and give him a new life?

When it seems that the breast has lost its former charm, men's money to buy new is not enough, it is worth thinking about the old issue of intensive care of furniture. There are simple and interesting ways to update the agency, which is expensive, as a memory.

Stencil to help
Paint your chest, in an interesting turning creative process, about further use templates. By the way, they are not hard to make your own hands! A subject can be any – from abstract to geometric shapes.

Paint and replace hardware
This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to correct the situation. Dark office can be made easier, which emphasizes the chest or, on the contrary, more concise to fit into the overall image of an interior.

Replace the boxes for something else
If you want to make notes in space originality, then come to the aid of a simple technique – to replace the boxes to something else, such as a woven basket or vintage suitcases. In turn, the older boxes can be used to make a nice wall decoration.

Even without a box
The boxes can be removed completely, leaving room for attractive decor. This agency will be a perfect showcase for your favorite collection of porcelain figures or alternative bookshelves.

Make a chest of drawers sofa
If the office is too low and rarely used denial, then he will make a big sofa. You only need to do back and rail, as well as bring a soft surface (because it can be used outdoors pillow).

Decorated with wallpaper, chest of drawers
This is by no means the only idea that can be done using wallpaper. We found many more interesting solutions that are easy to implement with their own hands.