8 creatieve ideeën die zullen helpen om het interieur van een slaapkamer in een gehuurd appartement te transformeren

Hét geheim om snel en voordelig je interieur te veranderen

As practice shows, additional system storage in a bedroom surplus will not. In order not to spend too much on the purchase of furniture, pay attention to the Soviet agencies or cabinets. The easiest way to update them – use tape. Stay bright colors, such as combining shades of varying intensity. Take time to replace hardware – and original furniture is ready for a penny. If the movie is not found, just remove the remains of the old furniture paint or paint. The texture of wood is no less interesting.

Make the situation in a more bohemian and bedroom-Sophisticated turn on the big mirror in the frame. It is not necessary to hang it on the wall. It is better to put a mirror on the floor. If the interior of the bedroom is clearly bearing the mark of time, the perfect option would be an antique frame. So room design will be complete and acquire depth. Replacing the mirror can be a big painting with abstract subject.

Missed outlet and power switch in a rental apartment – not uncommon, and correctness. In the absence of an electrician's skills should not try to replace them. It is much safer to decorate its colorful tape purchased in the nearest office delivery store. Removing it will have some difficulties, and the sticky sticky tracks are easily erased with alcohol.

For some reason, the nightclub owners rent a preference to save. As a result of them, or none at all, or they do not look the best. Unleash your imagination and replace traditional bedside tables with something more interesting. The case could go to everything – from concrete blocks to high cutting a tree.

The bedroom lighting near the bed is useful in the end. Familiar option – a miniature lamp on the bedside table. Try moving the nightstand table with a lamp on at least one side of the bed and instead put a large floor lamp. This asymmetry is significantly reviving the interior of the bedroom. In addition, outdoor floor lamp – light brighter than the bed. A sufficient light always has a positive effect on the comfort of living in the room.

Antiques fit perfectly in the interior Most rental rents, far from called a novel. For example, for wood windowsill replace a picture, and interior doors – bedside. Such details are harmoniously seen in all rooms, but especially relevant in the bedroom.

The problem with most rental apartments – shortcomings. Thus, the interior of the bedroom more often decorated in shades of gray, white or beige. Bright abstract painting, poster or pillow immediately correct the situation.