9 best ways hide bed in room

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If the size of the apartment does not allow arranging rooms in a separate room, and the living room also acts as a place for a rest of the night, the question arises: how to hide the bed during the day, do not disturb?

Designers offer a variety of ways to "conceal" a double function living room, there is only choose suitable for you.

The easiest way to separate the bed with a curtain. This is not perfect – the room is significantly reduced, but the bed is exactly hidden from curious eyes.

An interesting variant of living room equipment, combined with a bedroom – change of bed on a sofa bed that converts to a full bed. This makes it possible to hide the bed and at the same time have a comfortable chair in the room.

Sofa bed is easy to pick up any decor, as they come in different shapes and sizes, from standard rectangular to a large round.

Special transformer furniture is available for small apartments. It allows you to use one and the same object in different situations.

For example, a large dining table concealed bed – just expand it in a special way. Small children can become a sofa desk. Such "Transformers" save both money and space.

Reduced bed can be arranged on the podium – this is the best option in cases where one and the same room serves as both living and bedroom and an office, and children and also a gym.

The cabinet can be arranged hidden bed in such a way that no one would guess that this room is a bedroom at night. The easiest option – the usual case, whose door conceals a bed.