9 current techniques for small kitchen

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Great ideas for a small kitchen

Small kitchen in Russian apartments – far-reaching unusual. And many people think that these rooms are difficult to optimize and organize the space properly. But we found nine simple ways to transform a small kitchen. These tips will make the interior of this little candy.

mirrored apron
There is a little trick too much cookware – to abandon conventional ceramic kitchen apron in favor of the mirror. This can be a reflective tile or solid part of a mirror that is resistant to temperature changes and damage. This technique will give the room perspective.

When stuck, the two hook
It is said that the kitchen everything must be "shelves", but there are other options. For example, to set some of the wall some slices of hooks, and for them to set up baskets and organizers for the storage of small kitchen utensils. This will significantly save space and help maintain the scheme.

Tiffany Color
Next technique that works to expandSpace – the use of the right colors. Instead of the usual white and beige, pay attention to the pure blue color. He has the ability to visually expand the wall.

The apartments, studios and sometimes so odnushkuliten place that dishes it almost does not exist. In this case, help small hidden kitchens. Make this possible, and with your own hands. To do this you need a closet, some imagination and leisure.

Of course, a small kitchen without these helpers can not do. Long open shelves along the walls will help organize the storage of utensils, spices, cereals and other kitchen utensils, and also visually expand the space.

In a small kitchen dark and bulky furniture looks uncomfortable and visually eats square meters. Therefore, it is recommended to leave such plants laconic light furniture.

light furniture

If you have a small kitchen wall cabinet, they can be equipped with hidden lighting. This will make the interior more airy, bright and visually spacious.

Nothing to prevent the small kitchen, moving on, it was easier to establish stands in kitchen furniture along the walls. U-shaped layout is the most harmonious for small kitchens. Visually, this technique in the kitchen makes more.

U-shaped layout
Before repairs should look at the 5 examples of successful transformation kitchens. Here you can find a lot of interesting ideas!