9 reasons not throw old jeans

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The second life of old jeans

It happens that your favorite jeans, slim or banal, are small. Throw pity on them, but also a place in the wardrobe they occupy. We found 9 original ideas that will revive old jeans, and the interior will make a nice and functional.

For some decorative pillows, sewing sleek cases denim, pockets and used to store the remote control. This entry will also serve as a decorative role.

Useful wallcoverings
To implement this idea, you need a baguette, fabric and pockets of old blue jeans pants. They will play the role of functional pockets, which is appropriate to store tools for creativity and all sorts of things.

Pockets for children's creativity
If a family grows young artist, denim pockets can easily be transformed into a comfortable cell for storing pens and pencils. Look up a better organizer on the wall at the table, to the child it was convenient to use it.

Yarn and sticks are never too much, it knows exactly the needle. They have an interesting idea – to sew pants from unnecessary textile baskets, which is appropriate to put the balls with yarns, hooks and needles.

About the mantling denim patch box box you get a pretty decent organizer for stationery. Style denim this year is very popular not only in the fashion world, but also in interior design.

To the workplace has always been in order, You need to think about competent vertical storage. Organize it helps fabric attachments textiles with pockets cells. They simply put scissors, rulers, pens, pencils and notebooks and small notes.

elegant cell

This idea will help optimize space cookery, and surprise guests for a dinner. Who would have thought that the usual denim pants can be reborn in a stylish and functional part of the interior.

the question often arises: where to put the remote control on the TV or DVD. Strange enough, but jeans and come here for help. Often a leg pockets needs to PREVENT and fix the arm on the couch using Velcro straps or rivets. That's all – you can certainly add panels in denim pockets.

Storage TV remote controls

Sometimes you have to have items always have handy hands. In this case, no damage will be a portable storage system. For his creation, handy clothes hangers, a piece of fabric and some pockets of jeans.

Portable Storage System

There are still at least 10 ways to extend the life of old jeans, as we wrote earlier. On these ideas it is definitely worth a look!