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Can a true bohemian live in a small apartment with an area of ​​more than 50 square meters? – Of course you can! If it is to create a real bohemian interior. For those who think it's impossible – reading this article is almost a must, because we trust the skills of leading designers, we will prove the opposite.

Bohemian interior small apartment – a place where inspiration prevails in every detail. Therefore, this style often chooses creative people: artists, writers, actors

Here, not only to live, but also inspired a pleasure and easy. Additionally, like a bohemian style includes a whole row of all the details, people riding in the tour, trip and trip, there is always something to add the overall picture.

For example, it is possible to give preference to beige, light ashy or pale cream shade which will also be relevant in this case.

Perhaps you find in a flea market interesting chair that once stood in the house of the great poet, or to buy a cheap couch – so original that he does not need history.

Or from a trip to India, you will bring your figure handmade, bought fifty rupees from a mysterious old man – the main thing is that everything is in the interior can tell her, unique, history.