a good painting walls 5 golden rules that everyone should know

A successful painting walls: 5 golden rules that

Rules of successful paint walls

How does the interior update with the lowest cost? One of the best ways to transform the space – painting the walls! It's cheap, practical and courageous, but how to do it right? We have put together a reminder for those who plan to update your interior!

Tools for the job
In order not to forget about the hardware store, you must first compile a list of materials that may be needed when working. For example, in addition to the color you need: • A special wax cloth to obscure the floor; • Build tape to protect the paint socket and circuit breaker • A wide roll for painting the roof • Smaller spots brush for difficult places and corners • A wide brush for applying primer • Medium roll for painting walls or a special spray gun • Ability to dilute the color; • Spatula and shtaplёvka to eliminate imperfections on the walls; • Rugs, gloves, respiratory protection. It seems that the list is not small and is not a budget, but in fact all these tools are cheap and cost along with the color is much cheaper than most average price of the wallpaper.

Calculation of the area and the cost of
To correctly calculate the correct amount of measurement, it is necessary to measure the surface of the walls. Usually 15 liters are sufficient to 60-80 square meters. Front of the store is not hard to see that there are colors that are very different in price. The secret is that the cheaper options are usually not washed and can cost up to 7 times cheaper than laundry counterparts. As for the type of material, the experts recommend staying on acrylic paints that dry quickly, look good, and have almost no smell.

Surface pretreatment
Before you start painting you need to get rid of old wallpaper or paint, even out irregularities with filler, primer and lid. Since you will need to wash the floor, make sure there is no dust that is easily lifted, and can stick to the painted wall. In addition to the need to ensure that there was no drink on the walls themselves. It is better to wear a clean, damp, lint-free cloth, then allow to dry.

ceiling painting
First of all, it is necessary painting to begin the inclusion so that you do not dirt down the paint or clean the walls. But before you need to prepare well the surface of the roof and walls, as described in the paragraph above. Paint the ceiling should be enough pressed roll to him dripping color, but also that he was not a half-dry. Preferably apply several small layers than one thick. Color should be from the edge of the walls, moving towards the center of the ceiling. Particular attention should be given to the transition from the roof to the walls.

dyeing technique
This season, designers have come up with many interesting species in front. We found the coolest and most practical options. They appeal to those who like original solutions in the interior!