a house in countryside as an alternative hotel in bustling resort 15 unique houses for green rest

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Hobbit House for fans of eco-holidays.
The site has become a kind of HovelStay antagonist competitor Airbnb's service, which is a platform for renting a property around the world in its immediate owners. At HovelStay among mansions and penthouses can be found, offering economic holidays that will appreciate the fans of environmental holiday and those who are close to hippie philosophy.

Alpackor the Israeli ranch.
The owners of the farm for the breeding of alpaca, charming cloves, like lambs, said they fell in love with these animals when they saw them for the first time in the Andes. They decided to feed them at home, in Israel.

As a result, in the heart of the Negev desert there was a ranch that is a bit like the wild west at the same time and Bedouin Oasis.

Guest Room.

Kitchen restaurant for guests.

The ranch of tourist services was built high and a large living room with large windows giving beautiful views of the farm with grazing alpines. This room can sleep up to 20 people.

Rest on the waves.
Near the pier moored boat in Miami with all facilities that can spend the couple for $ 50.

Comfortable cabin for an unusual vacation.

In the house no power outlets, night lighting provided by oil lamps. Your smartphone or laptop can be charged except in the owner's house these unusual destinations.

Here is the street, it's the house.

house mermaid

Interior mermaid home.

Kolarboja for Guatemalan tourists.
From these primitive but charming houses, it offers great views of Lake Atitlan and the surrounding volcanoes. Rest in a place like this contributes to unity with nature and meditation exercises or yoga.

A wonderful place for meditation.

The house in the woods of California.
What could be better than relaxing in the woods? Wooden furniture and decoration inside, sofas and access to the terrace, a few meters from centuries-old trees that grow.

Lovely patio.

Eco-style wooden house.

The coal in the fireplace.

This polupescherny house was named Sunday Times edition of one of the best resorts in Europe.


Venus, Cerberus Zeus: Feel involved.

The features of this cave dwelling: Turtle Gardens, miniature cave cave, hidden in the wall of the interior, decorative mosaics on the walls and floors, most of the decor and handmade furniture.

The front gate.

Traditional interior of the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Forest hut.