a house wheels an area only 17 square meters great for small suburban area

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Camper area of ​​just 17 square meters. meter.
Small campers are very popular west, but here's just the beginning to gain confidence from potential buyers. With this trailer you can comfortably travel on a trip, use it as an alternative to home with paralyzing mortgages, or as a vacation home is a good option.

House on wheels from architects fixed Shelter Wise.
Team of Architect Shelter Wise introduced a new model of a small wheeled house, called Hikari Box. In a small area of ​​just 17 square meters compact housed all necessary for a comfortable stay.

Architects wanted the house to do as It could be more natural light and thus established 14 double glazed windows. In addition, the name of the "Hikari" home translates from Japanese as "filled with light."

Hikari Boh – house of an area of ​​just 17 square meters. meter.

Correct arrangement of furniture in a small space.
Hikari Box is equipped in the same way as the denim house: living room with kitchen, sleeping over his head. It is worth noting that the space was well used in stages. It is filled with drawers and cabinets where you can put things. The bathroom has enough room for a shower stall size 81h81 cm.

Kitchen combined with living room.
The foundation of the house user tree: sideways are made of cedar and inner dark walnut. Hikari Box built in accordance with all necessary quality standards, so manufacturers are responsible for designing resistance to extreme weather conditions. Used for thermal insulation foam and fiberglass. Developers claim that the material is completely harmless to health, that is to say. Does not emit any chemical fumes ..

Stairs with drawers and cabinets.
To reduce water consumption in all cranes with low specific nozzle flow, the coefficient set, but retains enough pressure.

Sleeping in Hikari Boh.

House plan on wheels.
No less interesting project in his houseBlue Forest presented the architects company. Their original wooden house Eco Perch fits well into some natural landscapes, but at the same time does not lose its timeliness.