A kitchen, three styles – Trends –

In spring, I have initiated a collaboration with the Kakeldax group, so from this week you will find a shopping guide in their stores that I have done on the theme "A kitchen, three styles". Because you know that you do not have to make a huge effort to freshen up a kitchen? There may be new tiles. Such a "light refurbishment" does not cost much either, as there are rarely so many sqm tiles to talk about. Imagine a base with white, black or gray gaps with three different types of tiles and cranes. What style do you choose?

New Nordic
Right now, marble is extremely popular but it is expensive to measure a long disc. In addition, marble is super-sensitive to stains and can be tricky as splash protection at the stove (where it may crack when you cook food). Do you want to come lighter away to bet on ceramic tiles instead. To soften the hard feeling, match with a wooden floor. The kakeldax group has a mosaic wood flooring platter, which gives you the best of both worlds. The "heat" from the natural material and the tolerance of a tiled floor.

Proposed crane: Volas classic by Arne Jacobsen feels given. Here is the design nest?